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Your swish-e submitted patches and updates

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Tue May 04 2004 - 16:43:55 GMT
I've been trying to go through my inbox and apply patches that you fine
people have been sending me.  But, my inbox is a scary and dark place
where one cannot stay for long.

So, please look over this list and let me know if I have missed
something you have sent.  Just bug fixes and patches for now -- not
major updates (like utf-8).  I'm just trying to get caught up right now.

I'm still finishing the update to SWISH::API to provide access to
metanames and properties stored in the index (see entry below).

I've got a patch pending to add another call-back to
(to override the default output code).

And David Windmueller just sent me a suggestion to provide the
enumerated error codes to the C API -- which will require a bit of work
due to the number of places in the code that may need to be updated.

  Version 2.4.3 - ????? ??, 2004
    Could not set SwsihSetSort() more than once
        David Windmueller found a problem when trying to set the sort order
        more than once on an existing search object. Memory was not
        correctly reset after clearing the previous sort values.

    Access MetaNames and PropertyNames from API
        Patch provided by Jamie Herre to access the MetaNames and
        PropertyNames via the C API and to test via the testlib program.
        Swish::API also updated to access this data.

    SwishResultPropertyULong() bug fixed
        David Windmueller reported that SwishResultPropertyULong() was
        returning ULONG_MAX on all calls. This was fixed.

    Null written to wrong location in file.c
        Bill Schell with the help of valgrind found a null written past the
        end of a buffer in file.c in the code that supports the old parsers.
        This resulted in a segfault while indexing a large set of XML

    Fixed problem when indexing very large files
        Steve Harris reported a problem when indexing a very large document
        that caused an integer overflow. Josť Ruiz updated to used unsigned

    Bump word position on block tags with HTML2 parser
        Peter Karman pointed out the the libxml2 HTML parser was allowing
        phrase matches across block level html elements. Swish now bumps the
        word position on these elements.

Bill Moseley
Received on Tue May 4 09:43:56 2004