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Bad directive ... IndexContents HTML .html .helphtm

From: James B. Muir <James.B.Muir(at)not-real.Hitchcock.ORG>
Date: Thu Apr 29 2004 - 12:54:54 GMT

I'm having trouble using the IndexContents directive, and a search of the archives was not helpful. I've been fiddling with various permutations of this directive for a while without success, and have tried google and the swishe-e archives. No luck.

My goal is to have the swish-e indexer recognize HTML files with the file suffix ".helphtm", so that when searching I will get the title for the document and not the file basename. When I insert the IndexContents directive into my webindx.conf file I receive the following succinct error: 

Indexing Data Source: "File-System"                           
Bad directive on line #169: IndexContents HTML .html .helphtm 

This directive looks correct to me. What am I missing?

We are running the following version of swish-e:

(/htdocs/pdr)> swish-e -V  
SWISH-E 2.0                

Thanks for sharing this very useful program.
James Muir
Received on Thu Apr 29 05:54:54 2004