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Re: swishdescription store but not indexed?

From: Kevin Lewandowski <kevin(at)>
Date: Wed Apr 28 2004 - 13:45:17 GMT
> It would help to see an example of what you are trying to index.

I'm indexing XML documents. Here's a simplified example:

   <name>John Smith</name>
   <description>Name: John Smith, Job: Programmer</description>

I use "StoreDescription <description> XML2" and that stores the 
description fine. Description is just a summary of all the fields in 
the document. I want to show that in the search results.

What I've realized is people can search for "name" or "job" and return 
all documents. That's why I don't want the description searchable.

I tried that "UndefinedMetaTags description" but that caused it to 
store an incorrect description (it looked more like "John Smith 

Another idea is I could just make "name" and "job" stopwords. That 
would solve my problem.

Received on Wed Apr 28 06:45:20 2004