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Questions for Windows Users Please Help

From: Weir James K Contr ASC/ENOI <James.Weir(at)>
Date: Thu Apr 15 2004 - 18:23:47 GMT
Hello all,

I have a few questions here about swish-e and running it on windows 2000 server

I am running swish-e on windows 2000 latest service pack all the security patches 
2 processor 966 MHZ with 2.0 GB memory 90 gb harddrive server class.

1. when I reboot the server I have to reinstall swish-e reason; swish-e does not work receive a memory error
        swish-search.exe - Application Error : The instruction at "0x000001f4" referenced memory at 
         "0x000001f4". The memory could not be "read".

          Click on OK to terminate the program Click on CANCEL to debug the program

    The memory location changes all the time

2. I posted a question about Extract Path and searching back on 4/9/2004 was wondering if anyone seen this problem be for Here is the email reprinted 
I am running swish-e from a windows 2000 server with 2 966MHZ processors with 2.0 GB of ram and 90 GB of drive space 
I have setup and indexed a huge number of text files.
here is the config file for the indexing 
# Site Index Config File
# The index file to create
IndexFile d:/webdata/catalog/temp/sndxap006.index
# The folder at which to start indexing (/ = webroot in this example)
IndexDir //somecomptername/Legacy/BROWSE/TEXT
MetaNames DeptSym
ExtractPath DeptSym regex !^.*/TEXT/([^/]+)/.*$!$1!
# Index comments?
#IndexComments no
FollowSymLinks yes
# Files to index
IndexOnly .txt
# File Contents
IndexContents TXT* .txt
# Filtering files are kept in this folder
FilterDir D:/webdata/catalog/lib/swish-e
#Stop Word List
IgnoreWords File: D:/webdata/catalog/stopwords/english.txt
# Store the first 200 characters in the index
StoreDescription TXT* 500
# Exclude any folder with the following in the path:
#FileRules dirname contains /_
#FileRules dirname contains /catalog
# Fuzzy indexing 
FuzzyIndexingMode Metaphone
# Now, specify which meta name to include in the index.
MetaNames swishdocpath
#MetaNames keywords title
#MetaNameAlias keywords author description 
# By default, undefined meta names are indexed as plain text
# This feature can change this behaviour. Here we say
# don't index text in metatags unless defined in MetaNames
#UndefinedMetaTags ignore

Here is the command line that I use to index the file 
d:\webdata\catalog\swish-search.exe -c d:\webdata\catalog\sndxap006.config -e -v1 -T REGEX > d:\webdata\catalog\outsndxap006.log

Information from the log file that is created
Original String: '//somecomputername/Legacy/BROWSE/TEXT/EN/1/1/EN/document title/somefilename_0458.TXT'
replace //somecomputername/Legacy/BROWSE/TEXT/EN/1/1/EN/document title/somefilename_0458.TXT =~ m[^.*/TEXT/([^/]+)/.*$][$1]: Matched
Result String: 'EN'

When I set the search to search for documents in the DeptSym 'EN' I receive back documents from DeptSym 'EN' and 'ENS' Here is the search command I am using 
%ComSpec% /c D:\WebData\catalog\swish-search.exe -b 0 -m 25 -d:: -p swishdescription -f D:\WebData\catalog\AP006Indexes \sndxap006.index -w foobar and DeptSym=(EN) -T properties > D:\WebData\catalog\1081512252031.txt 

Thank you for your time in advance

Jim Weir 
Received on Thu Apr 15 11:23:48 2004