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Swish.cgi location?

From: Phil Matt <philm(at)>
Date: Thu Apr 15 2004 - 16:47:29 GMT
Bill Moseley wrote:
> Which templating output system are you using?  The default one?
I started with TemplateDefault, and modified it.

> And, as you can see, that's calling the's script_name()
> function directly to set the action, just like above.  The point is,
> Apache is running the script in the first place, so it knows the URL of
> the path.
> So, unless you run the script from document root, I can't think of
> anyway it set the action to /swish.cgi.

Well, I am getting a bit confused, but I am glad it works with the proper path set.
>  Are you saying
> was installed in /usr/local/lib/swish-e/perl/?
> If so, please let me know exactly what version of swish-e you installed.
No, it was installed to the proper subdir.
> But, yes, is suppose to be installed in 
>    $PREFIX/lib/swsih-e/perl/SWISH/
> But the "use lib" line is also suppose to be:
>    use lib '$PREFIX/lib/swish-e/perl';
> without the "SWISH" part because the module's name is:
>    SWISH::TemplateDefault;
> When the script loads that module is combines the two paths:
>    $PREFIX/lib/swish-e/perl + SWISH::TemplateDefault
> to come up with:
>     $PREFIX/lib/swish-e/perl/SWISH/

Got it.

I am using CSS to format the output from, and loaded the 
appropriate stylesheet at this point in the module:

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
<link rel= "stylesheet" type="text/css" href= "/scripts/navmenu.css">
<link rel= "stylesheet" type="text/css" href "/scripts/sitestyle.css">
<script type="text/javascript" src="/scripts/nnav.js"></script>
        $logo$title $message

# This generates the form


Styles called later in the script, for instance, on the table structure that contains 
$query_simple, $search_time, etc. work as expected.

When I turned to the routine that formats each single result, specifically the <dl> that 
handles the listing of each result, I find that styles called do not work, although I can 

<dd style="width:65%; background-color: #DCEDED">

and the styling works as expected. If I use "<dd class="mystyle"> or <dd id="mystyle"> 
the styling isn't applied.

Cheers --- Phil Matt
Received on Thu Apr 15 09:47:33 2004