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Using swish-e by cgi

From: Claude Taigny <claude_taigny(at)>
Date: Thu Apr 15 2004 - 14:19:46 GMT
I apologize that this message is so naive - I really have no experience with 
creating a web site beyond just uploading html pages.

I have a project on Sourceforge and I want to allow from the web site that 
people can search a certain swish-e index I have - call it mydata.idx : is 
the following correct ?
1) I need to log into my SF account and install a Linux version of swish-e ?
2) Then I need to upload my index file and put a Perl script in ~/cgi-bin 
that will call swish-e ?
3) Then I need to make a html form whose the submit button will call my Perl 
script ?
I'd be happy for the moment getting this far - eventually I need to make a 
script to change the search results into urls ...

Thanks for any help (or any pointers to a step-by-step guide on internet).


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Received on Thu Apr 15 07:19:48 2004