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index depth 1 off-site links

From: Mark Greenaway <mark(at)>
Date: Thu Apr 08 2004 - 00:27:45 GMT
I want to set up a distributed database like structure using metatags

I wanted a list of sites containing info on their main page

I then want to index these sites

I have it working using individual servers configured in the
and combine them all when defining @servers

This is very clumsy, particularly as the number of sites increases.

If I could have a file, with just all the links in it, and then index
that file it would do the trick

However swish-e with both -S prog and -S http doesn't follow external
or off-site links.

I want to do this but only to that one file (max_depth=0)

How can I modify or to allow me to do this

Any help would be appreciated

					Mark Greenaway
Received on Wed Apr 7 17:27:46 2004