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can't find postings in swish-e list using archive search

From: swishe <swishe(at)>
Date: Wed Apr 07 2004 - 08:48:00 GMT

last week I've posted article "searching XML documents" and there are 
also a lot of answers from Peter Karman and Bill Moseley.

While browsing the list archive I can find my postings but I can't find 
them when using the archive search for example "dierolf" or 
"searching XML documents".
-> "no results"
-> "Bad MetaName provided"

Any suggestions what I'm doing wrong or what's going wrong?

Best regards, Uwe Dierolf

P.S.: Thanks a lot to all who have answered my questions.
      You've really helped us.

Uwe Dierolf                       Tel  0721/608-6076
University Library of Karlsruhe   Fax  0721/608-4886
Straße am Forum                   76049 Karlsruhe / Germany
Received on Wed Apr 7 01:48:01 2004