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Re: SWISH-E CGI and Windows

From: tim barrett <tim(at)>
Date: Fri Apr 02 2004 - 16:37:58 GMT
> CGI is just a program that returns output in a speccific format.  So if
> it works on the command line and doesn't with the web server you need to
> think about how those two environments differ.

Thanks for the note Bill it set me off in the right direction. It was a 
bit of a novice perl mistake but then again thats me :-)

It was simply that perl would not accept DOS filepaths. Once I change 
c:\progra~1\swish-e\swish-e to c:/progra~1/swish-e/swish-e everything 
was fine.
Received on Fri Apr 2 08:37:59 2004