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Re: searching XML documents

From: Peter Karman <karman(at)>
Date: Fri Apr 02 2004 - 13:26:16 GMT
Uwe Dierolf supposedly wrote on 4/2/04 6:57 AM:

> One last question: As mentioned in my recent mails, we are using XML
> files as input with config options like these: 

>  UndefinedMetaTags auto
>  UndefinedXMLAttributes auto 
 >  PropertyNames date attribute1 attribute2
> Would it be possible to search for words in any property / attribute?
>  Or do we have to build a second swish-e index which contains only
> the ascii text of all attributes of our XML files?

The swish docs say (under MetaNames):
When indexing HTML Swish-e indexes the HTML title as default text, so
when searching Swish-e will find matches in both the HTML body and the
HTML title. Swish also, by default, indexes content of meta tags. So:

     swish-e -w foo

will find ``foo'' in the body, the title, or any meta tags.

Swish searches metanames and return properties. With your current 
config, you could limit your search to any of the metanames (tags) 
defined in your XML, but only return values for date, attribute1 and 


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Received on Fri Apr 2 05:26:18 2004