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problem preserving specific special characters/unicodes characters

From: Prashant Badhe <prashantb(at)>
Date: Thu Mar 11 2004 - 07:34:17 GMT

    Can anybody give some idea about how to preserve some specific
characters such as copy right symbol, endash, emdash, smart quotes etc.
that are appearing in our input XML files??

    These characters are appearing in the text of elements that are
configured as 'properties' while indexing the XML files and appears as '?'
when Swish-e retrun the results with those 'properties' string.

    We are using Swish-e Version. 2.0.4 on Red-hat Linux.

    Swish-e has been used for XML file indexing based on some specific Tags
of interest with some other tags are set as 'properties' in the Swish-e
Indexing config file.

    Thanks in advance.

Prashant B.
Received on Wed Mar 10 23:34:18 2004