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Re: PropertyNames in C-API?

From: Jamie Herre <jlst(at)>
Date: Wed Mar 10 2004 - 22:43:50 GMT
On Mar 10, 2004, at 1:32 PM, Bill Moseley wrote:

>> Let me just make sure I'm understanding the difference between metas
>> and props; metas are attributes recorded in the index and props are a
>> subset of metas which are available in results?
> Kindof.
> They are really two different unrelated things, but for (unknown)
> historical reasons they are stored in the same table (called the meta 
> or
> metaname table).  Confusing, yes.
> All we really want is to provide access to that table, but make it look
> like there's two tables.

Ok. I'm looking at metanames.c and I get it now.  Meta is meta indeed.

> Make any sense?  Sounds like fun, but I don't have any time for a few
> days to look at it.

Makes sense.  I think I'll leave the perl stuff to you but I'll take a 
at adding this to the C-API.

Received on Wed Mar 10 14:43:50 2004