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Re: Version 2.4.2

From: Peter Karman <karman(at)>
Date: Wed Mar 10 2004 - 16:04:24 GMT
I see that my requested change in parser.c did not make it into 2.4.2. 
I'd be happy to add that change (if there's no objection) but I assume 
that only the Elect Few have commit access to the CVS tree. Bill, can 
you tell me what to do?

The requested change is in the list archive under 'Incrementing word 
position on HTML block tag':

         else if ( !element->isinline )
             append_buffer( &parse_data->text_buffer, " ", 1 );  // 
could flush buffers



        flush_buffer( parse_data, 1 );


This flushes the buffer each time a non-inline tag is encountered, so 
that phrase matches don't span block tags. I've been using it and it 
seems to work as expected.


Bill Moseley supposedly wrote on 03/09/2004 02:24 PM:
> I just uploaded Version 2.4.2 to
> Changes in this version are at:
> If you decided to upgrade read the changes first.  And it's always wise
> to test on existing indexes before running "make install".
> I merged the 2.4.2 code into the 2.5.x dev main branch in cvs, too.
> Means checking out the main swish-e branch will have all the 2.4.x fixes in it.

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Received on Wed Mar 10 08:04:34 2004