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Re: Ttoolkit - displaying additional metanames problem

From: Peter Karman <karman(at)>
Date: Wed Mar 10 2004 - 00:37:24 GMT
You don't actually display the content of MetaNames. You display the 
content of Properties. MetaNames are what you can search on:


where foo is a MetaName. But to display the contents of foo, you must 
also list foo as a PropertyName so that the contents of the foo tag are 
stored in the swish index.

Check out the PropertyName info in the Config docs.


PS: swish-e gurus: please correct me if I'm wrong or misunderstanding 
the question.

Bill Pavich supposedly wrote on 03/09/2004 05:58 PM:
> Hello all.
> If anyone can point me in the right direction as far as docs or
> tutorials to read, please shout.
> I'm struggling figuring out how to display some additional metanames in
> my template using search.cgi. I'm using SWISH::TemplateToolkit. I have
> added several additional meta names to my local html documents, let's
> just call one "section". Everything is indexing properly and I can run
> searches using either search.cgi or from the command line based on these
> additional metanames and everything searches correctly, but I can't
> figure out how to get the result for the variable "section" or any other
> of the metanames included in my template.
> I'm pouring through search.cgi and studying the template toolkit docs,
> but am just spinning my wheels. 
> Any help appreciated.
> Swish-e v2.4.1.

Peter Karman - Software Publications Programmer - Cray Inc
phone: 651-605-9009 -
Received on Tue Mar 9 16:37:24 2004