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word weight

From: Dave Moreau <davidjmoreau(at)>
Date: Tue Mar 09 2004 - 02:13:23 GMT
I posted a question before that got no reply...

My understanding based on results is that swish-e does not discriminate 
between words. Word frequency in a document is used to compute rank, but the 
word's frquency in the overall document set is not considered. I just 
remember being taught that the weight of a word in the rank should be 
inversly proportional to the number of documents it appears in. This would 
cause the word 'the' to be of less weight than the word 'democracy', even if 
(in most document sets) 'the' appears in the title and 'democracy' only in 
the body.

Was disciminating among terms considered for swish-e and considered to be 
too much additional work, or was it not included cuz it's a bad idea?

Or did did the issue never come up?

It seems it would give more relevant results.


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Received on Mon Mar 8 18:13:25 2004