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Help - upgraded, and now broken

From: David VanHook <dvanhook(at)>
Date: Mon Mar 08 2004 - 21:15:38 GMT
Hi there -- got a problem with date range searches after an unexpected
upgrade.  We were running SWISH-E 2.2rc1, and everything was working
beautifully.  We were using the included swish.cgi, with very minimal
modifications, and it was going great.

But our site admins upgraded us from that version to 2.4.1, and now we're
having major problems with date searches.  Basically, they don't work at
all.  It doesn't matter what dates you put in -- the date values are never
'getting to' whatever part of swish.cgi does the date calculating.

I think that it's basically a problem of variable names -- I've noticed that
on the old version (which still works), the date variables are named
'DateRanges_date_option', 'DateRanges_start_mon', etc.  But on the new
version's files (in the, etc.), the variables are called
'dr_o','dr_s_mon', etc.

I've been going back and forth, trying to figure out where I need to change
these variable names, and I think I've got them all.  But it's still not

Is there something I'm missing?  Any thoughts on what else I need to do?

Thanks very much!

David VanHook
Director of Technology
Wine Spectator Online
Received on Mon Mar 8 13:15:41 2004