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Re: IPTC filter for swish-e

From: Bill Conlon <bill(at)>
Date: Wed Mar 03 2004 - 21:36:44 GMT

>On Wed, Mar 03, 2004 at 12:57:08PM -0800, Bill Conlon wrote:
>> I've been looking into developing a filter to grab caption, category, 
>> keywords, author, date from an image library.
>> It looks straightforward to modify the the sample filter to use 
>> Image::IPTCInfo 
>Which sample filter?   You might look at SWISH::Filters::ID3toHTML as an
Sorry, I was looking at the documentation 
(, and was referring to 
the MSWord sample.

>> I presume filters generally get swish-e to dump the contents into 
>> SwishDescription.
>No, not normally.  They tend to just reformat the data so swish-e can
>index it -- either into HTML meta tags or XML.
Ok.  I was assuming the MSWord filter more or less just gave text to 
swishe.  Maybe catdoc does more, like translating styles (Heading1 --> 
<h1>, etc.)
>> But am I correct in assuming that I could use my 
>> filter to wrap the IPTC data in metatags prior to feeding swish-e, so I 
>> could get the use of Properties?
>Yep, that's the way to go.
>Try and use the SWISH::Filter framework if possible.  The idea is you
>create your filter in the SWISH::Filters::* name space, make sure perl
>can find it in @INC and it will automatically be added to the set of
>filters that swish can use.
Will do, and will coordinate on posting it back to the project.

It's a personal job, so timing is loose.  I added swish-e indexing to a 
personal site, and found that swish-e would balk at frames.  I looked at 
how to eliminate frames, but for scolling through a long list of 
captions, frames really make a lot of sense.  So instead, I will index my 
images, and then generate the caption list (left hand list frame) from 
the index.
>Bill Moseley

Bill Conlon

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