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Disabling highlighting, stemming, etc.

From: mike <kopplin(at)>
Date: Sun Feb 29 2004 - 22:40:46 GMT
How does one turn off highlighting when using swish.cgi? I've
just started with 2.4.1 after years with earlier versions and my
own simple cgis. Now I'm trying to catch up, and figure out what
swish.cgi is doing.

I have some archives of mailing lists, and I don't want to take
the room to store descriptions, so all that gets highlighted in
the search results are search words in the titles. Not very

While trying to figure out highlighting I noticed another
problem. My error logs were filling up with errors about
highlighting requiring for stemmed indexes. But my
indexes weren't stemmed, or so I thought.

Seems as though, at least in the config file

UseStemming yes          # means USE Stemming
UseStemming no           # STILL means USE Stemming


#UseStemming [yes|no]    # means DON'T USE Stemming

I should probably switch to using FuzzyIndexingMode.

Anyway, fixing that made the highlighting work which lead to my
question of how to disable it.

Mike Kopplin
Received on Sun Feb 29 14:40:57 2004