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From: Bill Pavich <BPavich(at)>
Date: Thu Feb 19 2004 - 16:04:48 GMT
New to this list and Swish-e. Swish-e is a terrific piece of software.
I'm running it on a solaris box and everything built and runs well.=20

Question regarding the index files. I will be indexing new local
documents each night. Does it matter, performance wise, if I create a
separate index for each night and just specify my indexes to swish-e
using a wildcard like so: swish-e -f /opt/vnews-index/*.index -w 'search

Or, should I merge the indexes together each night so that I just
present one ever growing index to swish-e??

I'm just indexing text documents each night and each night the newly
created index is around 4 megabytes consistently.


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