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jsFind & windows

From: <jan_janssen(at)>
Date: Mon Feb 16 2004 - 09:26:06 GMT
Hi, I have to create a search function to my offline homepage distributed on a DVD. Indexing with swish-e works great with the windows port. But as there is no offline search tool execept the outdated applet, I would like to use jsFind <> Sounds like exactly what I would like to use. The only problem: jsFind seems to need a patched 2.4.0 Version of swish-e, to create the XML export. The Patch is provided <> but I don't manage it to compile swish-e on my windows machine (I tried it via Cygwin, but I gave up after a while...).
So my question: Does anyone of you has the abilty to send me a patched 2.4.0 swish-e.exe for windows? 

Thanks in advance 

best regards

Received on Mon Feb 16 01:26:09 2004