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CALL FOR PAPERS: Journal of Digital Contents

From: Journal of Digital Contents <jdc(at)>
Date: Tue Jan 20 2004 - 03:26:49 GMT
Journal of Digital Contents

Dear Colleagues,=20
I am sending you this letter to inform about the beginning of a new =
international publication: Journal of Digital Contents, which could be =
of your interest.=20
The international Journal of Digital Contents (JCD) is a quarterly =
printed and online journal about the management, presentation and uses =
of contents in digital environments, covering research, technical, =
design and practical issues aimed at researchers, developers and =
teachers. It is devoted to the rapid publication of concise, up-to-date =
new findings in these areas. It also publishes full and mini-reviews and =
provocative editorials which discuss and review the hottest topics of =
the moment.=20
Journal of Digital Contents is designed to be a truly international =
journal. Therefore we invite contributors from all continents to submit =
their best original scientific manuscripts to our journal.=20
In addition to regular submissions, several special issues are planned =
in the near future: Vol.2-2: Protection of Digital Contents; Vol. 2-3: =
Digital Libraries; Vol. 2-4: Learning and Knowledge Objects.=20

We hope you will enjoy this new publication, and we certainly look =
forward to receiving your contributions.=20

Antonio M=E9ndez-Vilas
Executive Editor of the Journal of Digital Contents
Formatex Research Center
C / Zurbaran, 1 2=BA (office 1)
06001 Badajoz
Phone/Fax: +34 924258615

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