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Core dump while sorting?

From: Daniel Eckstein <daniel.eckstein(at)>
Date: Mon Jan 19 2004 - 08:52:19 GMT
Dear listmember,

I finally got swish running on a solaris8, sparc box humming

Using a callbackfunction which does a recursive
file::find inside the filesystem and is filling an array
with the result, I can index all the documents of this
array using swish.

Thats a bit strange, indeed. But I got a dms here with
alot of links, which I dont want to be indexed and I dont
want to use a very large exclusion list.

So far so good. I do have 4 indexes from 4 different dms
here. 3 are working well, the 4th - and largest - gives me a
coredump while sorting (it has everything indexed fine
at this point).

Removing very common words...
no words removed.
Writing main index...
Sorting words ...
Sorting 198,854 words alphabetically
Writing header ...
Writing index entries ...
  Writing word text: Complete
  Writing word hash: Complete
  Writing word data: Complete
198,854 unique words indexed.
Sorting property: swishdescription
Bus error - core dumped

The index is already written at this time and it is possible
to search inside.

May be someone could shed some light on this?

Beside this I got a question regarding PhraseHighlight. Is there
a (sorry) faster solution? I tested with DefaultHighlight and
there was indeed a very big speed gain, but I dont want to miss

Thanks alot in advance!

Received on Mon Jan 19 08:52:31 2004