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Using - problems with open2 in Win 2000

From: <Allan_Watts(at)>
Date: Mon Jan 19 2004 - 01:37:29 GMT

I am trying to filter MS Word documents using (in order to use
the -S prog option when indexing). I am in a Windows 2000 enviroment...
(The perl script  I am using is below.)

All works fine for the first 64 files.  Then for the 65th file I get this

"Problems with filter 'SWISH::Filters::Doc2txt= HASH(0x1cb9a3c)]. Filter
-> open2: IO::Pipe: Can't spawn-NOWAIT: Resource temporarily unavailble at
c:/Program Files/SWISH-E/lib/swish-e/perl/SWISH/ line 1162

I tried to isolate the problem cutting down everything to:

#!c:\perl\bin\perl.exe -w
use strict;
use warnings;
use IPC::Open2;

my $rdrfh;
my $wtrfh;
for (my $i = 1 ; $i < 68; $i++)
      my $command = "c:\\WINNT\\catdoc.exe c:/data/swish/test/doc$i.doc";
      print "$command\n";
      my $pid = IPC::Open2::open2($rdrfh, $wtrfh, "$command" );
      #waitpid $pid,0;
      binmode $rdrfh, ':crlf';
      $/ = undef;
      my $content =  <$rdrfh>;
      print "$content" if $i > 60;

This reproduced the open2 error message.  The documentation around open2
mentions using waitpid - which I tried...   This fixed the problem in my
cut-down script.

But even after I added waitpid to, just after the call to open2,
I still got the same problem.

I am just learning perl - don't really know what I am doing... so chances
are I have done something stupid...

Any help would be appreciated!


This is my original script..

#!c:\perl\bin\perl.exe  -w
use strict;
use File::Find;
use lib 'c:/Program Files/SWISH-E/lib/swish-e/perl';


my $dir = shift || 'c:/data/swish/test';

my $filter;

            wanted => \&wanted,
            no_chdir => 1,

sub wanted
      return unless -f;

      # Load the Filter and call it on the file

      unless ( $filter ) {
            eval { require SWISH::Filter };
            if ( $@ ) {
                  print STDERR "Can't find SWISH::Filter.  Errorr message
is: $@";
            $filter = SWISH::Filter->new;
            unless ( $filter ) {
                  print STDERR "Can't create new Filter object with
SWISH::Filter->new. Errorr message is: $@";

      my $filename = $File::Find::name;
      my $doc = $filter->convert( document => $filename );

      # Skip if the file wasn't filtered or can't be indexed

      return unless $doc;
      return if $doc->is_binary;
      return unless $doc->content_type;   # Only index if if
$filter->convert has discovered a way Swish can index

      my $mtime  = (stat $filename)[9];
      my $doc_ref = $doc->fetch_doc;
      my $size = length $$doc_ref;
      my $doc_type = $doc->swish_parser_type;

      # Print Swish headers, and then print the document

      print <<EOF;

Content-Length: $size
Last-Mtime: $mtime
Document-Type: $doc_type
Path-Name: $filename


      print $$doc_ref;

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Received on Mon Jan 19 01:37:43 2004