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Any updates for 2.4.1?

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Wed Dec 17 2003 - 05:25:58 GMT
Anyone have any problems that needs to be fixed for 2.4.1?  I know all the
documentation could use a good going over but is there anything specific
that should be fixed or made more clear?  I don't have time to go over
all the documentation.  I'd like to get 2.4.1 out soon (for those people
that never use a dot-zero of anything...).

I'll add in the new example script, and try to note that in the docs
some place.

Seems like a large number of questions come from Windows users.  Are
there specific Windows issues that need to be cleared up?

2.4 only has a few bug fixes so far.  I guess that's good news.
Here's what's in the changes file so far.  Doesn't include that magic
patch that allow an endless number of encodings to be stored in just 8 bits, yet.

    * Add Fuzzy access to C and Perl interfaces
        Added a number of functions to the C API (and SWISH::API) to access
        the stemmer used when indexing a given index.

    * Commas in numbers
        Added commas to summary display at end of indexing.

    * Insert whitespace between tags
        Parser.c was updated to flush the text buffer before and after every
        (non-inline HTML) tag.

        The problem was that:


        would index as a single word "foobarbaz".

    * was updated to work with SWISH::Filter and to work on
        Windows. is a program to fetch files from the file system
        and works with the -S prog input method.

    * Problem with --enable-incremental option
        Fixed configure script to build incremental option. Note that this
        is still experimental. But testers are welcome.

    * headers.c bug
        Mark Fletcher with the help of valgrind found a bug in headers.c
        function SwishIndexHeaderNames used by the C API.

    * Clarify documentation regarding search order
        At the prompting of Doralyn Rossmann updated SEARCH.pod to try and
        make the explanation of searching clearer, and to fix an error in
        the description of nested searches.

Bill Moseley
Received on Wed Dec 17 05:26:05 2003