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XML and XHTML support

From: Heimo Hanninen <heimohanninen(at)>
Date: Fri Dec 12 2003 - 12:27:54 GMT
Hello there

A simple question. is it possible and how to
index and search string in context (XML element or

I am testing windows binaries (latest 2.4.0) on
command line, and
believe having libxml2 on board by default?

slow learner?

I just couldn't't quite figure it out from
documentation how to set up:
-config file
-run indexing (this I guess follows the normal path)
-do proper context searching
-does the source have to be XML (XHTM)? I guess yes in
order to parse correctly...


-find docs which created later than 10-10-2000 
-find <DIV> elements where @type="maintenance"

-and combining: find string "turbine" and <DIV>
element where @type="maintenance"

a snippet from source HTML (currently but could be
easily generated as XHTML):

      <meta http-equiv="Content-Type"
content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
      <meta name="created" content="11-12-2002">
      <title>Org - Some IETM - General
   <body onload="showIDs(parent.parent.topbar.IDs);
showChanges(parent.parent.topbar.Changes, true)">

<DIV id="TipLayer"
      <div type="maintenance" class="module">
          <h1 class="part"><a class="ids"
name="p-000ml001-0001-0001"></a>PART 1 - GENERAL
         <h1 class="section">Section 1 - General SSW
         <div class="module">
            <h2 class="module"><a class="ids"
name="o-000ml-0101"></a>Contents of this book</h2>
               <p class="para">This publication
                <span id="changemarker">contains

Thanks, Heimo Hänninen, newbie

PS. thanks for the answer to previous quastion about
running IE & SWISH locally without a web server...
dropped the idea...putting everythin on IIS.

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Received on Fri Dec 12 12:28:02 2003