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Re: 8-bit chars

From: John Angel <angel_john(at)>
Date: Wed Dec 10 2003 - 18:58:55 GMT
> > It could be some problem with 'locale' settings...
> Maybe.  Did you try what I showed in the last message?

Yes, I have tried using SWISH 2.4.0 Windows version and got:
warning: Failed to convert internal UTF-8 to Latin-1. Replacing non
ISO-8859-1 char with char ' '

I have tried "DefaultContents HTML", but it seems that Windows version is
always using HTML2 in -S prog mode.

> > Is it possible to use different function instead of UTF8Toisolat1()?
> > we can override it with our own function with character conversion
> Sure, but I'd first check that indeed where the problem is happening.
> There's the iconv library that will do that.  But what would you convert
> to?  I'm not sure but maybe UTF8Toisolat1() already uses iconv -- need
> to look at the libxml2 source.

I can make conversion tables from utf-8 to 8-bit chars I need. 
Received on Wed Dec 10 18:59:03 2003