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SWISH - IE -Integration - possible?

From: Heimo Hanninen <heimohanninen(at)>
Date: Wed Dec 10 2003 - 18:00:34 GMT
Hi SWISH-wizards
SWISH-E looks like robust tool and very capable as an
indexer and search tool. BUT

I have a case with "tricky" requirements and
wondering if anyone has experienced with something 
similar? Any hints very much appreciated.

Reqs for a web based stand alone "electronic manual":


-runs as stand alone app on typical power laptop
-does NOT require any web server installation
-built on top of std browser (IE-6, nice to have:
Mozilla, Opera)
-indexing supports across multiple manuals indexing,
searching (one manual is basically one nested sub
-(X)HTML documents stored on local disk, small
fragments, number of documents is 1000 - 10 000, total
size of one manual 2,5 Mb - 25 Mb
-equipped with full text search
-GUI would be a normal DHTML "form":
   -navigation frame, content frame, search frame
   -search constrains entered in browser's search
-searching is fast (based on indexed terms)
-returns hit list back to browser view (or separate
browser window) where you can pick a target and
traverse the link and show up the document content

Nice to have:
-free license (at least for distribution, 
 reasonable site licence cost for publishing
"e-manuals" is acceptable)

-(X)HTML docs generated from XML, so additional
attributes, PIs, comments can be added to ease out
-Indexing files can be done even as a command line
batch run, whenever new manual loaded or updated.

I figure, Key question is how to integrate SWISH-E to
std web browser say, IE 6.

Can I just create a an HTML form and
capture and send the string and other constrains to
search engine using Jscript. Reading the hit list
and rendering the results back to browser view...

Or could I compile SWISH-E source into DLL-object and
use ActiveX control in IE? A doomed plan?

thanks for reading this far ;)

Heimo Hanninen
..many things are possible....not feasible

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Received on Wed Dec 10 18:04:50 2003