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Re: Creating a .swishcgi.conf file

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Tue Dec 09 2003 - 00:53:00 GMT
On Mon, Dec 08, 2003 at 02:48:06PM -0800, Matt Torbin wrote:
> I want to create a .swishcgi.conf file that contains some of the meta 
> attributes from this discussion:

Ok, so first if you want to just *display* that data you need to do two

1) In the swish config file (the file passed to swish-e when indexing
with the -c option):

   # just examples
   PropertyNames author pdf_version producer

2) in the swish.cgi config file add those fields to "display_props"

   display_props   => [qw/swishlastmodified swishdocsize swishdocpath author pdf_version/],

"display_props" says to fetch those fields when searching making them
available for display.  Only the default (perl-code) template display those automatically.
The HTML::Template will if you apply the patch I sent to the list the
other day (oh, looks like it got filtered by the list server -- I'll
attach below), otherwise you would have to manually add the properties
to display into the templates.

If you want to *search* those meta tags (instead of just display them in
your results) you need to:

1) in the swish-e config file:

  MetaNames author

2) in the swish.cgi config file

  metanames => [qw/ swishdefault swishtitle swishdocpath author/],

Look at the top of swish.cgi for more discussion of metanames.  Sorry
there's not better docs, but most of the config is commented.

> 1) Where does the .swishcgi.conf file get stored?  With my swish.conf 
> file or with the files that .swishcgi.conf affects?

Depends on your web server, I suppose.  By default swish.cgi tries to
open .swishcgi.conf in the current directory:

At the top of swish.cgi:

  my $DEFAULT_CONFIG_FILE = '.swishcgi.conf';

If that's not good for you then you edit swish.cgi to point to a
different location.

> 2) What do I put in the file?

For that you can read the docs and post again if something isn't clear.
A good place to start is where you see the word:


Bill Moseley
Received on Tue Dec 9 00:53:07 2003