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The NULL Info

From: Matt Torbin <matt.torbin(at)>
Date: Thu Dec 04 2003 - 14:09:20 GMT
When I do a search of my PDF files (which works perfectly) I get four 
lines of info back on each file:

1 80_4_8_0.pdf -- rank: 637
     Last Modified Date:	2003-11-24 17:18:58 EST
     Document Size:	334666
     Document Path:	/pdfs/80_4_8_0.pdf

My question is, what is the (NULL)?  What variable is that and why is 
it not finding it?  Please keep in mind that everything is in its 
default state so nothing has been changed as of yet.

Matt Torbin
Web and Graphic Arts Engineer
Received on Thu Dec 4 14:09:29 2003