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Re: C API for windows

From: <Kerry.Thurber(at)>
Date: Wed Dec 03 2003 - 20:55:46 GMT
>From David Norris:
> wrote:
>> 1)  Get windows source code for version 2.3 or later.

>Windows builds are from the same source code as Unix:

OK.  I was dissuaded from that by the download page.  It says:
"swish-e-2.4.0.tar.gz is the version to download unless you are using

> You also need to setup a build environment with pcre, libxml2, zlib.

> Here is a snapshot of my SWISH-E Win32 build environment from a 2.4
> preview release (same as I used for the 2.4.0 release):

> Unzip it and update the SWISH-E sources with either those from the above
> tarball or from CVS.  We have tags for various releases in CVS.  You can
> find how to access CVS from here:

Thanks a lot.  I'll try it out.

>> 2)  Get documentation for the API (maybe even an example?) on version

> 2.1 is not a stable version; 2.1 was the development series for the 2.2
> release.  I'm not sure why you'd want that.

Just because it's the latest download labeled as a windows source.  But
you've answered that, and I'll try it out.  Thanks again!

> Nonetheless, it's included
> with SWISH-E 2.1 sources in the doc and probably html directories.
> SWISH-API I believe it's called...  I'd suspect you'd find some examples
> in the examples directory...

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