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Re: Advice on Integrating Swish-E into a Microsoft Based Web

From: Greg Ford <greg(at)>
Date: Thu Nov 20 2003 - 21:37:32 GMT
Hi Ken
> I am looking for some advice on how to use Swish-E on a web site that
> runs under Microsoft IIS (version 5), using ASP and (more importantly)
> ASP.Net technology.
> I have set up and build search pages using Swish-E on Apache servers,
> and if we really have to, could put Perl on our IIS server.  However,
> management here are leery about introducing yet another programming
> language and technology into our environment.

My understanding was that Perl is part of a standard Windows Server
setup. Although Microsoft probably ships an older Perl version.

> I notice there is a link on the main Swish-E web site to the Swish-EX
> com component, but I am not sure how current this is, and I want to
> avoid going the ASP / Com path.

Swish-ex was designed for an early version of Swish-e, there is a
newer ActiveX wrapper (SwishCtl) which will run against current
versions of Swish-e - but you would probably need to compile against
source.  I have used SwishCtl mainly as a client-side search tool
with client-side JavaScript, but it should work OK on the
server side - there were some issues about whether it generates
a user interface that should be tidied up. But SwishCtl
would be the way to go if you can't use Perl.

> Does anyone have any recommendations or advice for me? (Apart from
> tossing out IIS, .Net and replacing it with far better technology, in my
> opinion!)

I think that installing a recent version of Perl is the way to go
there's probably more Perl installations on IIS servers than .net
installations as it has been around longer!

Otherwise, you could install Linux/Swish-e on a separate search server 
built from an old workstation and hide it in the corner.

Greg Ford

> Thanks
> Ken Ray
> Mississippi Development Authority
Received on Thu Nov 20 21:40:50 2003