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swish-e 2.4.0 seg fault

From: Dave Stevens <dstevens(at)>
Date: Sat Nov 08 2003 - 10:47:54 GMT

I'm building 2.4.0 on RH9 Linux and have spent the last day or so with a
segfault condition, though it appears to index and search the index from
the command line with no apparent issues, save for the seg fault.

RH9 Linux, kernel 2.4.20-8; gcc 3.2.2; make 3.79.1 ; libxml2-2.6.2; zlib
1.1.4; both libxml and zlib built from source.  With the swish-e build,
the make check fails all three tests and any command results in a seg
fault, though returns the info for the argument (-h returns help, -V
returns version, etc) it appears swish-e will create a valid index and
appears to return the proper results from a search of the index.

The libxml build failed on the first two tries as it hung during the make
tests. The subsequent build seems to pass most of the tests and does not
hang, though failed several of the tests.  ldconfig has been run, all the
libs appear to be in the correct location, /usr/local/lib has been added
to /etc/

Any pointers to info or thoughts?  I couldn't find anything in the list


Received on Sat Nov 8 10:48:08 2003