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Fixing Swish 2.4.0 To Work on Windows

From: Ahmad, Zeeshan (FMC) <Zeeshan.Ahmad(at)>
Date: Fri Nov 07 2003 - 04:22:38 GMT

I was trying to index PDFs with Swish and encountered a bucket load of
problems. It took a lot of tinkering to get it right. In the process, I made
a few changes (mostly related to paths and directory names with spaces). If
you can't get file-system based PDF indexing right, try the following
changes. Platform: Win2K


Set correct filter path in configuration file. e.g.
   FileFilter .pdf ./lib/swish-e/ '"%p"'

Set correct path to pdf converters in e.g.
   $ENV{PATH} ='D:/Program Files/SWISH-E4/lib/swish-e;'. $ENV{PATH};

Fix IndexDir paths  - for directories with embedded spaces use /\ instead of
\ in configuration file. e.g.
   IndexDir "D:/\Documents and Settings/\cmp026/\My Documents" is correct
   IndexDir D:\Documents and Settings\cmp026\My Documents is wrong

Pass correct path to pdf converters. Change $file to \"$file\" in e.g.
   open F, "pdfinfo \"$file\" |" ||
   open F, "pdftotext \"$file\" - |" or die "$0: failed to run pdftotext:

Set correct stopwords directory in your configuration file (fix
example4.config if using *any* supplied .config file)
   IgnoreWords file: conf/stopwords/english.txt

Set correct site-wide include reference in your configuration file (fix if
using *any* supplied .config file).
e.g. in your .config file:
   IncludeConfigFile conf/example4.config

Zeeshan Ahmad,
FMC Computing Services
Received on Fri Nov 7 04:34:57 2003