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Recursive Spidering in Windows

From: <narayananps(at)>
Date: Mon Oct 27 2003 - 15:28:47 GMT
   I have a small problem. I have installled swish-e 2.2.3 on windows 2000
and configured it to index one of the intranet sites..
I use the -S prog option and have the and spider.conf files
(taken from the example directory, but customised for my site).
I try to use a very simple spider.conf ..something like :
       @servers = (
               base_url        	=> 'http://domain:port/abcd/index.html',
               email           	=> '',
               delay_min       	=> .01,

But I am not able to get the spider recurse thru all the links in
I see from the perl doc that the default html tags for links is <a> So I
dont specify it in my conf.
Still I am not able to do a recursive spidering.

Also, is there a utility to configure the spider via a proxy on windows ( i
want to spider an external site from inside a firewall) ? 

Help please :(

Received on Mon Oct 27 15:41:11 2003