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Re: Indexing differs for 2 lines swapped in file

From: Dominique Phommahaxay <dominique.phommahaxay(at)>
Date: Sun Oct 26 2003 - 13:56:22 GMT
> I couldn't really tell from the diff output below, but if you look at 
> that output can you see some record where the data just stops being 
> processed?
Sorry for the diff output (too long).

In the case when the record containing J2Ee is the last line, the data stops being processed at the line before last (included), ignoring the entire record containing J2Ee (though some words like java or enterprise might appear in other parts of the indexed file as they belong to other different records).

Let me see if my web email allows me to send you the 1.7Mb zipped file. If not, how could it transfered to you?


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Received on Sun Oct 26 14:08:36 2003