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Re: checkbox in

From: <moseley(at)>
Date: Tue Oct 21 2003 - 12:50:19 GMT
On Mon, Oct 20, 2003 at 07:09:47PM -0700, Dave Moreau wrote:
> I'm trying to add a checkbox to my search form. I added an <input> item to 
> TemplateDefault called incl_all. I tried
> my $incl_all = $q->param('incl_all');
> assuming I could use it like text input types. Apparently $incl_all never 
> has a value, whether or not the control is checked.

That should work.  Check that your checkbox is inside the <form> tags.  
$q->param() will return all the field names you have available as an 
array.  Use of Data::Dumper is also helpful in debugging.

> Also, what editor do you suggest for editing Perl? I would like to be able 
> to easly jump to function definitions or to at least have all functions 
> listed in a window. I'm new at Perl and easily get lost in code, though I 
> really enjoy playing with regular expressions!

I use vim and nano.  Both are just text based. I need to tune my vim
setup more as it's too much work to use as I now use it.  Syntax
highlighting drives me crazy but it sure is helpful to find editing
errors (e.g. missing end quote or brace).  Sounds like you want more of 
an IDE.  To find functions I just search.  "/sub foo" is fast enough for 

> Also, is there a way to make swish, by default, not require all terms
> in a search by combining them with 'or' instead of 'and'? A flag would
> be wonderful, such as '-z' in the following:

Yes, that's come up many times before.  I'll try and get to that 
sometime soon.

Bill Moseley
Received on Tue Oct 21 12:50:33 2003