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Re: A swish-e performance question

From: Hup Chen <hup(at)>
Date: Tue Oct 14 2003 - 18:10:58 GMT
Hi Jose,

> There is a 2GB limit index file. So I think that you will reach the limit
> of swish easily. But, the solution must be easy. You can hack
> the source the code and make it 64 bit. The trick is easy.
> Look for fopen, fclose, fseek, fwrite... routines in the code, mainly
> in db_native.c
> I have seen this question before. Anyone in the list has made
> anything? If not, and if I find some time I will try to add this feature.
> Now, I am fighting against the PHP module.

  That's very kind of you if you can do it.  I wrote a script to convert
almost all int to long (include expat), no problem in compilation(with
LFS support), but still can't fix it.

> Another option is having several index files. Each one with less of
> 2GB and search all of them at once.

  I have performance issue by using several index files.  The performance
dropped up to 40-50% in my last test.

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