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Re: Burn index and website on cd

From: Greg Ford <greg(at)>
Date: Tue Oct 14 2003 - 01:58:16 GMT

> ActiveX security doesn't allow trusted controls to specify arbitrary
> filenames.  There has been some discussion on how to improve that.  I
> will patch swishctl to support multiple index location values before
> 2.4.0 releases, though.

I have made some additional changes to my own development version 
(based on 2.4pr1 I think) that allows my current version to specify 
multiple "databases".  

> > I could find a zip with a win32 exe <>
> > But unfortunately it seem to be build for version 2.35 and I can't find swish-e version 2.35 on the servers (either there is 2.2 or 2.4) :-(  
> Probably 2.3.5 which is an old development release.
> > As I don't have a C++ compiler installed, could somebody so me the favour to send me a win32  setup.exe for 2.4? Maybe with the fix for the variable path (see above)?
> I'm not sure the setup program is completely usable right now.  And it's
> not documented at all.

I have made some changes recently to make it a bit easier to configure. 
I will send a copy directly to Dave. 

I think it probably needs to read the name of the database/indexfile,  
as well as the "Swish_Version" and other details from a configuration
file. But I don't have time to make such changes at the moment.
> > Anyhow, I'm curious: Am I the first one who tries to create a search for a CD and get's into all 
> > this trouble?

> Well, it's a fairly new program.  A few people have used it, though. 
> I've not had time to give it much attention of it's own.  I plan to
> spend some time on it once SWISH-E 2.4 releases.

I have released several CD databases using SwishCtl. I developed
SwishCtl and asked the swish-e developers to add my
"application-specific" code to the swish-e project.  

Currently I haven't "got the hang" of releasing 
patches to SwishCtl, so my code-base is not quite the same as the
"official" release. 

Currently you need to change the source-code in setup.cpp to specify a
new database. So you really need a C++ compiler in order to get it
going. Getting the C++ development environment set up is a bit of a
headache - because SwishCtl is developed in VC++ and swish-e is
developed in gcc and the VC++ environment doesn't play nicely with Unix
style build tools.  

Greg Ford 
Received on Tue Oct 14 01:58:18 2003