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Burn index and website on cd

From: <jan_janssen(at)>
Date: Mon Oct 13 2003 - 10:59:18 GMT
Dear list,

as I have installed the swish-e-2.4.0-pr4.exe package, the example with the ActiveX control (swishCTL) is working just fine even with my generated index files. But what if I want to distribute my website and the serachfunction on a CD? Can I modify the OBJECT tag in a way that the activX control will be installed automatically from the CD? And which packages do I have to put on the CD - the whole swish-e-2.4.0-pr4.exe? I hope not - as the users doesn't want to create indexes later, they only want to search. Is there a swishctl DLL, that I can provide with the CD? 
In addition I'm not sure how to tell the acticeX controll where to find the index file on the CD. It seems that the control gets the information from this registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SWISH-E Team\SwishCtl\Options. By default after installtion the key points to the local example directory. As I don't want to ask the user to change this key by hand, how should I go on?

And last question: if I burn the index files on a cd: as much as I saw the index files contains absolute links to the html files (like c:\mywebsite\index.htm) instead of relative link (e.g. \index.htm). Can I generate the index with relative links?

Thanks in advance  

best regards


BTW: as I'm noy sure that I will get the messages of this mailinglist, please cc my company email address on your reply ( Thanks!
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