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compile 2.2.3 perl module on Mac OS X

From: Peter Karman <karman(at)>
Date: Mon Sep 29 2003 - 22:45:23 GMT

I am trying to compile the Perl module for 2.2.3 on Mac OS X. Yes, 
before you ask, I know that the 2.4 version is preferred. For production 
reasons, I am still using 2.2.3 on all my OSes at present.

swish-e and zlib compile just fine under Mac OS 10.2.8 with the latest 
Dev tools, including the gcc 3.3 update from August.

However, the perl make fails. It appears to be a ld problem. Even when I 
set LD_RUN_PATH explicitly to find the zlib library, I get the same 
error about Undefined symbols. I'm guessing it's just not finding the 
libz.a file, but I just don't know how to specify that more explicitly.

(FYI, I was just able to compile this with no problems on FreeBSD 5.1).

[mh-dhcp-172-31-20-95:swishe_compile/swish-e-2.2.3/perl] root# make
cc -o blib/arch/auto/SWISHE/SWISHE.bundle  -L/tmp/swishe_compile/lib 
SWISHE.o    -L/private/tmp/swishe_compile/swish-e-2.2.3/perl/../src 
-lswish-e -lz
ld: Undefined symbols:
make: *** [blib/arch/auto/SWISHE/SWISHE.bundle] Error 1

Peter Karman - Software Publications Programmer - Cray Inc
phone: 651-605-9009 -
Received on Mon Sep 29 22:45:41 2003