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Again: Indexing laaarge ammounts of data (more than 2GB index size)

From: Peter Asemann <aceop(at)>
Date: Wed Sep 24 2003 - 11:23:17 GMT
Hi there!

I've taken a look into the swish-e mailing-list archives and found that I
already got on everybody's nerves in 2001 by asking if not I could have an 
index larger than 2 GB.
I was told that i could have multiple <2GB index files as a work-around.
But somehow I'm not feeling comfortable with that 2GB limit.
I'm not sure if not something happened in between and swish-e can now index
terabytes or something...
but in case there's still that 2 GB barrier, I'd really like to know if and
how it could be broken.
Is that 2 GB limit so hard-coded that it's virtually impossible to remove?
Or are there places, libraries, modules where replacing some code and types 
could do wonders? If there's still that 2 GB limit and anyone is interested
in breaking it I'd like to offer my support in programming and testing a 
large-file version of swish-e.

Peter Asemann

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