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Re: MetaNamesRank & exe build for Windows

From: intervolved none <intervolved(at)>
Date: Mon Sep 08 2003 - 23:44:23 GMT
I am trying to get the MetaNamesRank working.I installed the windows 2.4... version, added the line "MetaNamesRank 10 keywords" to my config file,  reindexed the site, and looked to see if there was any change in the indexing.  There was not.  It is like it ignored the configuration file setting.  
Am I supposed to make any more configuration changes for it to pick up the meta tag line from the html document?

I am trying to get the meta tags in my html page to give more weight than the actual text...  example :  <meta name="keywords" content="test help work">

The meta tag line in the html should be weighted 10 times more than the words on the page, correct?


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