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Re: Rank values. How are they generated?

From: William Bailey <wb(at)>
Date: Thu Sep 04 2003 - 15:57:22 GMT
> > User searches for:
> > 	* artist: "Black Sabbath"
> > 	* include compilation recordings in artist search.
> > 	* track: iron man
> > 	* format: CD
> > 	* order: Search relevance (highest  lowest)
> Looks more like a database select than a full-text search.

To be honest i didn't have much luck when searching using a database it was 
just too slow and too much of a resource hog. On even some of the more 
complicated searches swish-e is still very fast and fulls the requirement 
supriseingly well. Well done all :)

> > The following command get run:
> >
> > /usr/local/bin/swish-e -H 9 -d\\t -w '(  (  recording.artist.main=( black
> > sabbath )  OR  recording.track.artist.main=( black sabbath )  OR
> > recording.artist.main.md5=(b1dd10efa6a2761536d12edc20edeca9)  OR
> > recording.track.artist.main.md5=(b1dd10efa6a2761536d12edc20edeca9)  ) 
> > AND recording.track.title=(iron man)  AND 
> > -cd- )  AND  recording.available=( yes
> > )  AND  )' -s swishrank desc
> > recording.title asc recording.artist.main asc -b 0 -m 3000 -f
> > /usr/home/wb/Web/Work/red-phase3/_server/data/swish/data.index
> Each AND (including the default AND operator) and OR operation is a new
> search.  So reducing the boolean searches would be good for speed.

At the moment the speed is not an issue and after the first search the results 
are cached anyway. I agree that there ar a lot of boolean operations but this 
is a side affect of haveing a number of different fields to search without 
any field being required.

> Are you using the md5 keys for exact matches?  We have talked about
> setting flags on the first and last words indexed in a metaname so you
> could do a phrase search for "Black Sabbath" where "Black" was the first
> word indexed and "Sabbath" the last, i.e. the metaname is exactly "Black
> Sabbath".

That is what i'm using that for. To be honest i just found a small bug that 
was stripping "'s from being passed to swish. I was supposed to include the 
quotes around black sabbath  as well as a few other fields.

IIRC i added the md5 search so that when searching for "Bush" the band called 
'Bush' would have a higher rank then 'Bush, Kate' or 'Bush Chemists'. It also 
allows me to be very specific when searching for exact artists.

	William Bailey.
	Pro-Net Internet Services Ltd.
Received on Thu Sep 4 15:58:34 2003