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RE: Newbie question regarding FS indexing

From: robert schwartz <robert(at)>
Date: Tue Aug 26 2003 - 22:06:54 GMT
Answering my own question

ReplaceRules replace "/usr/www/host1" "host1"

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> Sent: Tuesday, August 26, 2003 1:53 PM
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> Subject: [SWISH-E] Newbie question regarding FS indexing
> I'm having what I'm positive is a simple newbie problem with 
> swish-e but can't seem to get my hands around the right way 
> to search the ML archives or find this in the documentation.  
> This is in regards to an Apache web server.  I have several 
> virtual servers in /usr/www (/usr/www/host1 and 
> /usr/www/host2).  Both virtual servers have many name-based 
> hosts underneath them, for example /usr/www/host1/site1 and 
> /usr/www/host1/site2.  
> My desire is to do a simple file system index of host1's 
> websites for example, and then use swish-e.cgi as a search 
> portal for all these sites. Swish-e.config:
> IndexDir /usr/www/host1
> IndexFile /home/me/index/test1.index
> So it indexes everything and works very well.  When I search 
> via swish-e.cgi, it works fantastic, except that the links 
> that are generated refer to soemthing like 
> http://host1/usr/www/host1/site1/index.html  > as seen below:
> 1 LDAP AUTHENTICATION TEST! -- rank: 1000 
> (NULL) 
> Last Modified Date: 2003-04-16 14:38:40 PDT 
> Document Size: 1354 
> Document Path: /usr/www/host1/ldaptest/index.html 
> I have the prepend_path correct in that it doesn't refer to 
> localhost in the url, it refers to "host1" correctly.  
> However, the url generated in the first line links to: 
> http://host1/usr/www/host1/ldaptest/index.html
> And for this 
> to work it has to refer to: http://host1/ldaptest/index.html
> Then if I can get this sorted out I'd ideally like to kick it 
> up a notch and index host1 and host2 with a single CGI, but 
> that would mess up the prepend_path for host1, so advice on 
> how to move forward once this is sorted out would be appreciated also.
> Please is anyone has a cluepon for me to redeem I'd 
> appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
Received on Tue Aug 26 22:07:06 2003