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Filter Word Files with -S fs indexing

From: Bucharow Leonard <Leonard.Bucharow(at)>
Date: Tue Aug 26 2003 - 13:56:16 GMT
Hi Bill,

sorry for  newbe questions, I hope you help me though:

I'm trying now indexing file system, cause the is not greatly
suitable for search in Intranet with Java-Plugin's, JavaScript and PHP
dynamic sites. Parsing PDF files works fine excepting few PDF files with
error: "Bad annotation destination" or "Bad annotation action". I've read
that comes from xpdf (pdfinfo or pdftotext). The xpdf help is unfortunately
not huge. Do you know, what does it mean and what is at pdf files wrong?

The second question:
How can I filter MS Word files with -S fs indexing (if you have a solution
for PowerPoint and Excel, it would be great)?

Thanks in advance
With regards
Received on Tue Aug 26 13:56:43 2003