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Logging the indexing in a file

From: Bucharow Leonard <Leonard.Bucharow(at)>
Date: Tue Aug 19 2003 - 08:19:06 GMT
Hi Bill and Co.,

first I may not understand, what you mean with:
> How do humans without javascript follow those links?
anyway I unfortunately can't influence the humans to create links with
HTML/XML or th. else then java-plug-in. 

Second I have two another questions:

Can SWISH-E write IndexReport in a file (f.e. during executing a cron job)?
If yes, how?

I'm trying to spider not the entire web server but only a web folder (f.e. I
may not to spider the apache manual).
In the I've set the option:
base_url => http://host/intranet/
But indexes the entire web server! Do I something wrong?
I've excluded the folder with robots.txt, but I don't understand, why can't
I set up the folder to index? 

Thanks for your help
With kind regards

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Leonard Bucharow
Direktion für Ländliche Entwicklung München
Bereich Zentrale Aufgaben
Sachgebiet I2 Bürokommunikation
Tel.: +4989 / 12 13 - 14 24
Received on Tue Aug 19 08:24:04 2003