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How could I modify the date format output?

From: Bucharow Leonard <Leonard.Bucharow(at)>
Date: Thu Aug 14 2003 - 05:36:18 GMT
Hi Bill,

thanks again. Now I've got a little question (Sorry but I'm not an expert in
Perl (yet)):

How could I modify the DateRanges_time_low and DateRanges_time_high format
in the

(I would set the date range in format "dd-Mon-yyyy" without time, cause the
"Select Date Range" option is without too.)

I've found a mail in the list with related problem for properties in

my @props = map {
$_ eq 'swishlastmodified' ? "$_ fmt='%Y-%m-%d'" : $_
} @properties;
$self->swish_command( -x => join( '\t', map { "<$_>" } @props ) . '\n' );

Could I use this for low and high? If yes how?
(Though I would rather use the format "dd-Mon-yyyy": Is this possible?)

Thanks for your help!
With kind regards

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Leonard Bucharow
Direktion für Ländliche Entwicklung München
Bereich Zentrale Aufgaben
Sachgebiet I2 Bürokommunikation
Tel.: +4989 / 12 13 - 14 24
Received on Thu Aug 14 05:36:34 2003