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Problem using swishspider.

From: Filippo Salustri <salustri(at)>
Date: Wed Aug 06 2003 - 02:02:59 GMT

I'm trying to use swish-e 2.2.3 on solaris 8.  The problem is that
either swish-e or swishspider is giving me a segmentation fault on a
robots.txt file.  In case it matters, the robots.txt file in question is

My current config file for swish-e is:

	EnableAltSearchSyntax yes
	Delay 1
	IndexReport 3
	IndexFile /cgi-bin/serf9a/se.index
	IndexName "SERF 9 Index"
	IndexDescription "Index of current contents available in SERF 9"
	IndexAdmin "Filippo A. Salustri,"
	obeyRobotsNoIndex yes
	IndexContents HTML* .htm .html .shtml
	IndexContents XML* .xml
	DefaultContents HTML*
	NoContents .gif .pdf .ps .txt
	AbsoluteLinks yes
	StoreDescription HTML <body> 512
	StoreDescription HTML2 <body> 512
	MinWordLimit 3
	Ignorewords File: /cgi-bin/serf9a/stopwords
	MaxDepth 2
	SpiderDirectory /cgi-bin/serf9a/p

I don't really even know where to start looking for the problem.  Anyone
have any advice?

Fil Salustri
Filippo A. Salustri, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Department of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Industrial Engineering
Ryerson University
350 Victoria St, Toronto, ON, M5B 2K3, Canada
Tel: 416/979-5000 ext 7749 
Fax: 416/979-5265 
Received on Wed Aug 6 02:03:25 2003