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Building swishAPI under perl activestate on windows and use it on hosted provider

From: Christophe Deltheil <deltheil(at)>
Date: Thu Jul 31 2003 - 12:25:11 GMT
Hi from Paris (France).

I use both swish-e under Windows and Linux.
I create my indexes under the Win Box with the new 2.4.1pr release. No
problem. Everything is ok and I can search on the database. Results are ok.
My problem is when i want to use swishAPI. I can't build the module. I work
with ActiveState perl 5.8.xx and registered PerlDev Kit.
First question, how do can  i build the module ?
My purpose is to use my local index made on windows, on a remote site hosted
by a provider. I have perl installed but I can't compile code. Then I can't
uses swish-e binary. So I would like to search only with a perl script . As
I read that it was possible with swishAPI, That is my second question.

Sorry for my bad english.
C. Deltheil
Received on Thu Jul 31 12:25:30 2003