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Re: SWISH-E and mailman/pipermail

From: Guido Flohr <guido(at)>
Date: Tue Jul 29 2003 - 13:20:36 GMT

Jordan Hayes wrote:
> where archive/ is a symlink to ~mailman/archives/public/list ...

Maybe better symlink to ~mailman/archives/private/list ... or why don't 
you just index the real path, not the symlin, and then somehow exclude 
the private archives (if you have any private ones).

> Also, the result entries have five lines:
>>Last Modified Date:
>>Document Size:
>>Document Path:
> I can't figure out what the (NULL) is.

Maybe this is a permission problem.  I would make sure that the user 
that runs the indexing process is a member of the group mailman (or 
whatever you have configured for mailman's group id) and avoid all symlinks.


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